We are primarily a tech incubator focused on developing Pan African founders based in the UK. Our primary focus is on companies working in Fintech, Healthtech and Edtech.

Pan African refers to Black people in the UK of African and Caribbean heritage.


Our aim is to provide a community, courses and access to capital for founders who wish to start and scale up their tech companies. Initially in financial, health and education technology focused companies.


Our founder David McQueen has worked in the startup technology space for many years. His varied experience includes leadership development and investment pitch coaching with technology companies across the board. Having worked with organisations such as Startups Awards, SFEDI, Wayra De, Oxford Foundry and a host of other tech related organisations he noticed that there was a lack of representation of narratives from Pan African tech founders. Often finding himself the only, or one of a few, founders in the the UK speaking on stages about technology and the possibilities of wealth creation, value creation and leadership.

In addition there were a number of Pan African founders who felt isolated in existing incubator programmes, unaware of many accelerator programmes and increasingly left out or marginalized by institutional investors. Finding a collective or group from this underrepresented community was often the exception rather than the rule.


Looking across to the US and seeing the successes of incubator organizations such as digitalundivided, Founder Gym, Black Founders and institutional investors such as Backstage Capital, Cross Culture and Precursor Ventures showed how such an underrepresented demographic could be catered for and served. This inspired David to launch Legacy71 here in the UK to serve pan African founders.

For far too long Black founders in tech, in the UK, have been viewed as the exception and where we do see them they are considered outliers. Legacy 71 is about changing the status quo and making Black Founders the norm.
— Founder and CEO, David McQueen