One of the cornerstones of LEGACY71 is helping our community to access finance. Not every startup needs funding and much of our work is ensuring that the companies we incubate try to develop some kind of revenue before seeking financing.

Of course it is not always as straightforward to develop products and services in tech without having a source of income to do so. Our focus is to help our members to think about all the sources of income available to them and work on strategies and roadmaps in order to access capital.

In addition to our network of institutional investors we aim to provide preseed funding to cohort members, as well as provide guidance on alternative methods of funding.

In 2019 we will be rolling out a comprehensive FUNDING PLAYBOOK to all our members to demonstrate how we can help them to access the capital which too often eludes founders of pan African origin in the UK.

Source: UKBlackTech

Source: UKBlackTech