At the heart of Legacy71 will be a thriving community of Founders and Friends.


We want to shake up the current model around startup communities. To create a space that is more than just a twelve week programme and a demo day pitch into something that is longer term and fosters more collaboration.  

Our membership programmes are annual subscription programmes that allows founders and friends to access this community. We have a number of benefits for all our membership schemes that include access to events, discounted services, hands on support for startup and scale ups, restricted content and much more.

Our Founders Annual membership is aimed at those who wish to start or scale tech companies in tech focusing on finance, health and education. This membership is about providing a community of fellow founders, mentors, access to events and our academy programmes.

 Our Friends Annual Membership is aimed at professionals who are not founders but looking to work with new startup teams and network with other tech enthusiasts in our community.

 The membership programmes launch in Q1, 2019.


There will be a number of events all year around which will be exclusive to our member community. These include

  • Member Suppers

  • Exclusive Seminars

  • Invite only media recordings

    And many more to be rolled out from Q1, 2019.

The members in our community allows us to pull together continuous research, otherwise unavailable, on the state of startups run by pan African founders across the UK. We aim to be a leading source of what the experiences are for our members.